• 2022/12/15

    Tunable LED Lamp VS. Dimmable LED Lamp

    Nowadays, we usually do several activities in the same room. A living room can be a place to relax, eat, or study. Adjustable lighting helps to create perfect atmospheres for your activities. You may ...

  • 2022/11/10

    When Should I Relamp at Home?

    Relamping means “replacing the bulbs in lighting fixtures.” But it represents a more innovative and energy-friendly way of upgrading your lighting system...

  • 2022/08/24

    How to read an IES report?

    IES file is a text file using ASCII code, which can be easily imported into various lighting design software such as Dialux, AGI 32, and so on.

  • 2022/08/18

    How to Convert Lumen And Lux?

    When you buy a lamp, you might wonder how much light it provides. It sometimes is indicated in Lumen which you can see on the outer packaging marked by the manufacturer. And sometimes it is indicated ...

  • 2022/07/14

    Latest EU Policy: Flicker-free Lighting is the Norm

    LED lights are increasingly used in daily life, home, office, indoor and outdoor. As we transition over into an LED accustomed society, there is an issue that presents itself that not only has a negat...

  • 2022/06/22

    The Uses and Harms of UV Light

    What is UV Light Used For? UV-A, for example,  is used to verify the authenticity of banknotes. This is the most widespread application of UV-A: it excites fluoresc...

  • 2022/06/14

    Understanding the blue light hazard

    What is exactly the blue light hazard?Blue light is a kind of high-energy short wave visible light (HEV), which refers to the blue part of visible light. It has a short wavelength and is concentrated ...

  • 2022/06/13

    MDER, a metric that helps with your lighting design for concentrating

    What is MDER and how does it work? MDER is the abbreviation of Melanopic Daylight Efficacy Ratio defined by the CIE and introduced in the CIE S 026/E:2018 document, which is also called the Melano...

  • 2022/06/12

    Yuji Lighting™ Product Features

    High CRIYuji Lighting provides optimal lighting solutions for ultra-high CRI up to 95+. Designed with Yuji multi-phosphor high CRI technology, the lighting systems perform excellent color rendering ca...

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