• 2023/04/03

    Yuji Lighting™ – International Space Station project landed, a milestone in lighting technology

    After a year of theoretical verification, technology research and development, and product experiments, we and SAGA are extremely excited to announce the official landing of the International Space Station lighting project “Space Lamp”, and this summer with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon stationed on the International Space Station,...

  • 2022/07/12

    Yuji Circadian Light Will Go to Space!

    We are going to space! Yuji circadian light panels will be sent to the International Space Station in 2023 together with Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen.This is our second collaboration with SAGA Space Architects after the successful completion of the 2021 lunar lander simulation project-the LUNARK. In February 2023, SAGA will work together with European S...

  • 2022/06/23

    Yuji America Corp. Attends LightFair 2022 Exhibition

    As an international leader in high color rendering LED lighting technology, Yuji Lighting™ was exhibited at booth #3565. Yuji Lighting products were exhibited to global customers for the first time, including the Yuji CRI-MAX™ series, SunWave™ series, and Skyline™ series. The products are suitable for the main use scenarios of general lighting, ...

  • 2022/01/19

    High CRI 95+ LED Corn Bulb

    Yuji has rich experience in providing photographic lighting sources, recently developed this CRI 95+ corn bulb for photographic softbox lighting kit. This film grade corn bulb for photographic softbox lighting kit using 252pcs YUJI-BC-2835 SMD LED with 36W of power consumption, equivalent to 60W Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL bulbs). It uses 40% less electricity than CFL bulbs and has a longer lifetime.

  • 2022/01/11

    A19/A60 CRI 95+ LED Bulb

    YUJILEDS newly-released led bulb is an A19 (A60) lamp that has extremely accurate (CRI 95+) color. It is perfect for illuminating art, clothing, or food. It is sold at $18 for a 60W-equivalent model. We designed this bulb in a very small A19/A60 form factor and standard E27 screw-in base. It is made by YUJILEDS own brand light source, which provides 95+CRI and high reliability. The glass bulb cover material and 240-degree beam angle enable it to provide wider light distribution and higher transmittance in a small form factor. This bulb is available at 3200K, 5000K and 5600K.. With 95+ CRI rating, colors will appear just as they do under natural daylight, giving you good light and mood to work on your projects indoor or elsewhere high quality lighting is needed.

  • 2022/01/11

    CRI 95+ Angle Adjustable PAR30 LED Bulb

    Yuji Lighting™’s first PAR30 LED bulb has been released recently, featuring high CRI performance (Ra>95), dimming function and 10°-60° adjustable beam angle. A PAR light bulb is a bulb that utilizes a parabolic mirror in order to concentrate the light into a focused beam angle. It is usually recognized for its ability to emit a broad directional light. This Yuji Lighting™ PAR30 LED bulb utilizes convex lenses to concentrates the light, so that the light beam can be projected and focused onto the object.

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