office lighting
office lighting

Office Lighting



Boost your productivity

Create comfortable and efficient working place with the best Quality of Light

Bring together a human centered working experience with advanced LED technology to create an efficient and effective office space. Enhance employee’s work efficient while improving work environment and experience is essential to company’s attractiveness and growth.

Keys to a productive office environment include visually comfortable, feel natural, stay focused and motivated, professional lighting environment for specific task areas.

Enhance performance

Stay focused and motivated while you work.

More efficiency, fewer mistake

Enhanced color visual quality in office environment.

Engage well-being

Enjoy natural light indoors.

Keep your eyes comfortable and fresh while working.

Support circadian rhythms with dynamic tunable white lighting that provides the right light at the right time.

Variable lighting scenes

LED lighting solutions with tunable white technology allow for the possibility to adjust light colors to natural changes of daylight

Different lighting scenes cater for the individuality of people and their tasks

office blue sky light

How a quality light system performs in an office


 Explore the right light for office

Feature 1: Naturally comfortable

Staying in natural sunlight keeps people comfortable


People tend to feel comfortable both visually and emotionally when under the natural sunlight, thus enhancing productivity and creativity.

Full spectrum sunlight simulation provides scenes under the sunlight.

right light for office

Feature 2: Biologically motivating

Circadian rhythm triggers alertness and productivity


As one primary color, red naturally triggers an intuitive sense of affection: sunset scene, warm space, red food, skin tone, and etc. Besides, saturated red could enhance vivid color visual effects and live skin tone image.

A light system with high M/P ratio and high MDER for lighting design.

biologically safe light

Feature 3: Create an outdoor experience

Staying under blue sky is a favorable natural experience that helps to create


This requires adjustable color temperature, low blue light, and circadian effect in a light system.

blue sky light

Feature 4: Low-maintenance

Robust, reliable and low-maintenance


The good light is a simple and powerful tool to help with winning the business, and there should not be concern on the replacement cost.

low maintenance
panel light

Main Light | Ascent Light 


Full spectrum series

SunWave™ panel light


Circadian series

WELL24 Day panel light 






Panel Light

linear light

Main Light | Ascent Light


Full spectrum series

SunWave™ linear light


Circadian series

WELL24 Day linear light 



Linear Light

Down Light

Main Light | Atmosphere Light


Full spectrum series

SunWave™ down light


Circadian series

WELL24 Day down light 

Down Light

work light

Main Light | Atmosphere Light


High CRI series

CRI-MAX floor light

Floor Light

office lighting
meeting room light
desk lamp for work

                     Workplace                                                                Meeting room                                                                    Office corner                                                          Work desk 

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