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Residential Lighting

The new definition of home

Experience the Light Evolution: Let Yuji Lighting Redefine Your World

Great residential lighting makes well-designed homes shine. We now spend close to over 80% of our lives indoors and this calls for experiencing the best of our spaces, creating an artistic and warm atmosphere, and at the same time the benefits of a natural light taking care of our own well-being.

Wherever light could redefine your life, there Yuji Lighting is with its SunWave, Skyline and Well24 Nite Series creating comfortable and sumptuous environments with quality lighting for your home and your family.

Lighting quality

Optimal lighting quality balances human needs, architectural aspects, and energy efficiency. Good lighting significantly impacts our wellbeing, as it directly affects health, productivity, and comfort. Thus, leveraging technology and design creates sustainable, visually appealing, and impact-driven lighting solutions.

Comfortable ambient

Light is perception; it shapes how we see the world and one another. Enhance visual comfort throughout your home, creating a warm, inviting space for you and your loved ones. Proper lighting sets the mood, beautifies spaces, ensures safety, and provides the warmth we seek.

Low maintenance

Enjoy a lifespan of up to 26000 hours, equating to over 3 years of worry-free home illumination. Experience extended lighting as you create a bright and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Plus, enjoy reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs due to lasting performance.

Yuji Skyline

How Solar Spectrum Lighting Transforms Your Life:


Quality Illumination Unveiled


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Feature 1: Experience revitalizing solar spectrum lighting

Enhance well-being with natural light


Our solar spectrum lighting optimizes visibility and mood, mirroring the natural sunlight’s compatibility with the human eye. Seamlessly bring the outdoor beauty and health benefits inside, accentuating details while minimizing glare, fatigue, and eye strain.

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Feature 2: Biological clocks’ rhythm enhanced

Helping you with relaxation


Light does not only bring a visual effect to our lives through our eyes, it also biologically regulates the physiological response of our bodies by affecting the secretion of melanopsin which, in turn, helps us with relaxation and well-rest during the pre-sleep time.

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Feature 3: Safety first 

Zero-Glare Technology included. UV free. 


Designed to avoid blue light damage and eye glare, protecting your eyes from strain and preserving your vision. UV free.

Light UV free

Feature 4: Low-maintenance

Robust, reliable and low-maintenance


The good light is a simple and powerful tool to help with winning the business, and there should not be concern on the replacement cost.

low maintenance
GU10 bulb

Main Light | Ascent Light 


Full spectrum series

SunWave™ GU10 LED bulb

SunWave™ GU10 dimmable LED bulb


Circadian series

WELL24 Nite GU10 LED bulb


GU10 Bulb

A19/A60 Lamp

LED strip

Decoration Light | Atmosphere Light


Full spectrum series

SunWave™ LED strip


Circadian series

LED strip


LED Strip

Roof Light

Young Asia lady in sportswear doing yoga exercise working out in living room at home at night. Sport and recreation activity, social distancing, quarantine for corona virus prevention concept.
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