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Boost commercial success

Create commercial successes with the best Quality of Light

Lighting matters in commercial scenarios. Appropriate lighting enhances visual appeal, creates comfortable environment and thus promotes commercial opportunities and successes. Utilizing its unique technologies and years of experience in LED lighting, Yuji developed CRI-MAX™ series LED lamps featuring high CRI and high efficiency that are ideal for all types of commercial places.

Keys to success of a commercial place include Visual appealing, Enough footfalls, Comfortable environment, Effective cost management.

Visually appealing

Create the comfortable environment to engage more guests and make them stay longer.
Make the feeling and experience like home even if it is thousands of miles away.

Engage customers

A visually pleasant commercial space increases day and nighttime traffic with an eye-catching exterior

Enhance key events throughout the year with dynamic lighting to drive more footfalls. 

Enhance  experience

Create the distinctive lighting experiences with emotional impact.

Create a comfortable shopping environment for customer, achieving higher customer satisfaction rates and increased revenues.

retail light

How a quality light system performs in retail


 Explore the right light for retail

Feature 1: Full Color Rendering – Max CRI98 

Seeing the true color enhances trust in quality


The ability of rendering color faithfully is essential to high end occasions. The secret is all about high CRI of a light source.

Yuji high CRI spectrum recipe ensures high color rendition for both unsaturated and saturated colors, providing faithful visual appealing of the environment and products to showcase their best qualities.

high CRI lighting render color truly

Feature 2: Standard Red – R9 95

Red color enriches vividness


As one primary color, red naturally triggers an intuitive sense of affection: sunset scene, warm space, red food, skin tone, and etc. Besides, saturated red could enhance vivid color visual effects and live skin tone image.

Yuji high R9 lights up customers’ skin and textures of product materials, no matter it is a cosmetics store or a clothes boutique.

high R9

Feature 3: Flicker-Free – At 240 FPS Shooting

Relieve customers’ eyestrain


Yuji’s original flicker control technology satisfies that the light intensity will not change significantly under high-speed cameras. Get rid of the bad effects of flicker on people’s health completely. Employee wellbeing, work without eye strain or headaches.

flicker free light

Feature 4: Low-maintenance – Save Your Cost

Maximize improve the ROI


Compact size and a longer life make installation and maintenance   simple. Better light distribution and consistency make store more comfortable. Good impressions lead to more purchases, return on investment, safe significantly after initial installation.

low maintenance
GU10 bulb

Main Light | Ascent Light


High CRI series



CRI-MAX GU10 LED dimmable bulb





GU10 Bulb

PAR Lamp

Down Light

Main Light | Atmosphere Light


High CRI series

CRI-MAX™ downlight

Down Light


                                                     Supermarket                                             Car shop                                                     Mall                                               Cosmetic shop

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