• 2022/06/14

    Understanding the blue light hazard

    What is exactly the blue light hazard?Blue light is a kind of high-energy short wave visible light (HEV), which refers to the blue part of visible light. It has a short wavelength and is concentrated ...

  • 2022/03/27

    What is human centric lighting?

    Scientific research indicates that light is one of the main driving forces of the circadian system, whether it is natural sunlight or artificial light sources, they are all can trigger a series of phy...

  • 2022/03/11

    How to choose led strips? Part.2

    Flexible LED strips are widely used all over the world and people use it in commercial settings, factory renovations as well as residential projects. They are also popular among architects, lighting d...

  • 2022/02/11

    How to choose led strips? Part.1

    LED strips are flexible light sources, and can be used in a variety of ways. They consist of a flexible substrate (printed circuit board or PCB) backed with self-adhesive tape and evenly inlaid with ...

  • 2022/01/19

    High CRI 95+ LED Corn Bulb

    Yuji has rich experience in providing photographic lighting sources, recently developed this CRI 95+ corn bulb for photographic softbox lighting kit. This film grade corn bulb for photographic softbox lighting kit using 252pcs YUJI-BC-2835 SMD LED with 36W of power consumption, equivalent to 60W Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL bulbs). It uses 40% less electricity than CFL bulbs and has a longer lifetime.

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