Yuji SunWave™ Full Spectrum Lighting

What is Yuji SunWave™ full spectrum lighting?

The phrase “full spectrum lighting” has been mentioned frequently in the LED Lighting industry, but what is full spectrum lighting, and what are its benefits?

Generally, sunlight is considered full spectrum. Full spectrum lighting usually refers to a light source whose spectrum covers the whole visible sunlight spectrum with a uniform spectral distribution.

In the long process of evolution, humans have lived under natural daylight. Daylight helps human eyes to perceive true colors, and is beneficial to human health. So, for years, improving artificial lighting to achieve full spectrum light that closely simulates natural daylight has been the pursuit of the top LED lighting manufacturers.

By prolonging the light spectrum coverage by 50% more than regular LED lamps by introducing far more kinds of lighting phosphors, Yuji SunWave™ creates a full spectrum light that achieves 98% similarity to the visible part of sunlight and reaches industrial high CRI up to 99. The white color under SunWave™ full spectrum light is as pure as under sunlight. Brightness, white light purity, and color rendering are primes in high-quality LED lights. SunWave™ full spectrum lighting features high lumen efficacy, pure white, and high CRI.


Yuji SunWave™ full spectrum light contains a certain amount of violet light, weakens the blue light, and enhances the red light, which helps to reproduce the true color of a purple or red object, and reduces the color cast of blue objects.

Benefits of SunWave™ Full Spectrum Lighting 1: The ultimate color rendering

SunWave™ full spectrum lighting demonstrates ultra-high CRI up to 99 (Ra). Unique CRI R9 boosting technology enables its white light with a strong ability to render color, particularly human skin tones. CRI R9 measures the ability of a light source to simulate natural daylight or tungsten light sources concerning red colors. The big takeaway is that the majority of reflectance occurs after 600 nanometers, which puts us solidly in the red and deep red portion of the spectrum. In short, if an artificial light source lacks red emission, it will perform poorly on the R9 scale, and distort any objects that have significant amounts of red in them. The CRI R9 values of Yuji SunWave™ full spectrum lights reach 95 and above.

Benefits of SunWave™ Full Spectrum Lighting 2: Enhanced Well-being

a. Human Circadian Rhythm Improvement

Human circadian rhythm is developed under the long-term use of natural daylight. However, nowadays, people work and live indoors most time of the day. Reduced sunlight might cause depression or insomnia. Studies show that a full spectrum light source can improve people’s happiness and reduce depression. Exposure to full spectrum light also helps people to sleep well as it makes the body produce melatonin. 

b. Eye Comfort

Yuji SunWave™ full spectrum lighting with ultra-high CRI helps people to see better. The sensitivity of the human eyes and sunlight are matched, thus under full spectrum light, people can perceive the true colors of objects easier. People can read longer under a full spectrum light source without getting eye strain.

Scenes That Prefers Yuji SunWave™ Full Spectrum Lighting

Living Area: SunWave™ full spectrum lighting is designed for daily lighting in residential, hotels, and restaurants with its significant health benefits.

Yuji Lighting SunWave™ residential lighting

Working Area: Yuji SunWave™ full spectrum lighting provides with 230-degree beam angle and a higher lumen rating. Compared to conventional LED lights, SunWave™ full spectrum LED lights are brighter with increased visual sharpness, thus helping to improve work efficiency.

Yuji Lighting SunWave™ office lighting

Film and photography studios: SunWave™ full spectrum lights are perfect for film and photography lighting, as its high R9 values reveal the accurate color of skin tones.

Yuji Lighting SunWave™ studio lighting

SunWave™ Family

Well24 A19/A60 SMD

SunWave™ A19/A60 Bulb

Designed with Yuji solar spectrum technology, lamps emit nearly 100% similar solar spectrum, giving people the same experience as sunlight.

Yuji Well24 GU10

SunWave™ GU10 Bulb

Eexcellent for all scenarios that require artificial light sources, such as hospital, classroom, office, studio, apartment etc.

SunWave™ Family Features


Full Spectrum

Bring the Sun Indoors. Full spectrum lights can help supplement natural daylight, helping you feel better, see better and grow better.

Yuji Lighting URG<19 Icon

UGR Improved

The UGR of the lamp is within 19, and the glare is well controlled without glare.

Yuji Lighting Ultra Color Consistency Icon

Color Consistency

We keep the color consistency for all of our linghtings with your project.

Yuji Lighting High Efficacy Icon

Premium Thermal Management

Premium thermal management for higher reliability.


Dimmable Light

It is compatible with a variety of dimmers and dimmable the light smoothly.

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