CRI 95+ Angle Adjustable PAR30 LED Bulb

January 11, 2022

Yuji Lighting™’s first PAR30 LED bulb has been released recently, featuring high CRI performance (Ra>95), dimming function and 10°-60° adjustable beam angle.

Yuji Lighting news par lamp

A PAR light bulb is a bulb that utilizes a parabolic mirror in order to concentrate the light into a focused beam angle. It is usually recognized for its ability to emit a broad directional light. This Yuji LightingTM PAR30 LED bulb utilizes convex lenses to concentrates the light, so that the light beam can be projected and focused onto the object. What’s more, by simply rotating the lamp head, you can adjust the beam angle between 10°-60°, giving great versatility in highlighting the object or area you want to promote.


Standing in line with other Yuji Lighting™ high CRI products, this PAR30 LED bulb provides superior lighting quality with 95+ CRI and 90+ R9, giving sunlight-like for true color rendering. It also provides seamless dimming from 0%-100% by TRIAC dimming, giving you the control in brightness required by any occasion or place. What’s more, with die casting aluminum housing and optimal thermal design, this bulb provides excellent thermal efficiency and thus guarantees reliability and durability for long-term use.

These features described above make this PAR bulb high color quality, seamlessly dimmable and beam angle adjustable beam angle, which is rarely seen on the market. Additionally, it presents a great opportunity for substantial energy savings with retrofit replacements for PAR30 halogen products by consuming only 16W of power, of power, offering a longer lifetime than traditional bulbs (halogen, incandescent, fluorescent) and reduces re-lamping costs.

This bulb can be broadly used in applications including accent lighting and track lighting in museum & gallery, retail, hospitality and office spaces.  

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