When Should I Relamp at Home?

Relamping means “replacing the bulbs in lighting fixtures.” But it represents a more innovative and energy-friendly way of upgrading your lighting system...

Understanding the blue light hazard

What is exactly the blue light hazard?Blue light is a kind of high-energy short wave visible light (HEV), which refers to the blue part of visible light. It has a short wavelength and is concentrated in the 380 nm ~ 450 nm band. For people who often engage in outdoor activities, the main source of ...

Yuji Lighting™ Product Features

High CRIYuji Lighting provides optimal lighting solutions for ultra-high CRI up to 95+. Designed with Yuji multi-phosphor high CRI technology, the lighting systems perform excellent color rendering capability and give vivid visual effects for skin tones. Yuji CRI-MAX™ teachnology. Full S...



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