Understanding the blue light hazard

What is exactly the blue-ray hazard?Blue light is a kind of high-energy short wave visible light (HEV), which refers to the blue part of visible light. It has a short wavelength and is concentrated in the 380 nm ~ 450 nm band. For people who often engage in outdoor activities, the main source of bl...

Yuji Lighting™ Product Features

High CRIYuji Lighting provides optimal lighting solutions for ultra-high CRI up to 95+. Designed with Yuji multi-phosphor high CRI technology, the lighting systems perform excellent color rendering capability and give vivid visual effects for skin tones. Yuji CRI-MAX™ teachnology. Full S...

Understanding Luminous flux (lumen) and Illuminance (lux)

We often see luminous flux or illumination data on the packaging of light bulbs or other lamps. Maybe you know these two parameters are used to describe the brightness of light. But what are the specific definitions of luminous flux and illumination? What's the difference between them?What is Lumino...



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